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Clembs SMP

The Clembs SMP (Survival Multi Player) is a Minecraft server where players from around the world come together to build, fight, survive and create!

The SMP is currently online.
Join the survival now!
Java Edition only. Cracked accounts allowed.

Support us to extend the server's lifetime!

Hosting a server isn't free, and while the first month is paid for by myself, I need your support to keep it alive for longer!

When supporting, you will:

  • Get a fancy [Supporter] prefix on their Minecraft username
  • Get an extra Supporter role on the Discord server
  • Extend the server's lifetime by the amount of time you paid for!
Until extended, the server will continue to run until
Get 10% off any server lifetime extension! Available until August 10. Use code SMP10 at checkout.
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Getting started with the Clembs SMP


  1. Purchase the game or get a cracked copy, then install it (on version 1.20.1).
  2. For best gameplay, install a performance modpack (if you own a graphics card) or OptiFine (if you don't).
  3. Launch the game from your launcher, then go to "Multiplayer".
  4. Click "Add Server" and enter in the address field.
  5. Click "Done", then double-click the newly created server.
  6. You'll be prompted to create a password, to prevent data theft. Once that's made, log in and you're in!

Clembs SMP Rules

General rules

  1. You must not use cheats, abuse exploits, or create lag on purpose.
  2. You can only use one Minecraft profile to log into the server.
  3. You must not attempt to attack the server via DDoS attacks or similar.
  4. You must not use slurs, bigotry, or any discriminative words.
  5. You may not create inappropriate art within Minecraft.
  6. For server events hosted by me, please prefer to chat in English (online translators are okay!).
  7. This might sound cliché, but have fun. Always remember this is just a silly game about building and surviving! :silly

Team rules

  1. To join or create a new team, submit a request via Discord DMs that includes:
    • The team's name.
    • If creating a team, its color, which must be one of the Minecraft color names.
    • When creating the team, your teammates (they also must DM me to approve their membership).
  2. There can only be up to 4 people and down to 2 in a team.
  3. If you don't have a team or need more people, let me know and I'll put you in touch with other people

Server configuration


Paper version 1.20.1 (latest build)

Basic settings

  • Difficulty: Normal
  • Game mode: Survival
  • Max players: 35
  • White list: Disabled
  • Online mode: Disabled


Data Packs